I am irate at the governing bodies as to how licensed individuals are being treated. We are being treated like criminals. Not only does a new licensee have to get 60 hours of SAE training before being allowed to renew their license after the first year, but I just recently found out that I have to provide fingerprints so that the FBI can do a criminal investigation on me! And what’s more, I have to pay additional money for the education, the fingerprints, as well as a renewal fee to TREC! What has our country come to! Even though I have completed my education and paid the TREC renewal fee, I am probably going to miss my renewal date of 2/29/08, and have to pay a late renewal fee in addition to the ridiculous fees I have already paid. But let me just give you a quick rundown (be sure to check TREC’s website for the current requirements) of the new licensing requirements. These requirements apply to anyone renewing or applying for a salesperson or broker’s license after January 1, 2008:

  • Take a least 60 hours of SAE education (I used AbsoluteCE for mine, which was the cheapest I could find, however it still cost me $199)
  • Pay a renewal fee to TREC (I paid $51)
  • Find an IBT location and setup an appointment to get your fingerprints taken (this is the worst one, they are forcing me to give them fingerprints, which is against the constitution as I have committed no crime, nor have I been charged with a crime, as well as charging me $44.20)

One more thing, make sure to get all this done 10 days before your renewal date, or you could risk getting slapped with additional fees. Can you believe it? I can’t, these agencies are absolutely criminals! Our forefathers would be completely ashamed. I go in tomorrow to get my fingerprints done, and my renewal date is tomorrow. We will see if I get slapped with more ridiculous fees. Please leave your feedback at the bottom of the page.

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